Not so bad…

So, I have started collecting videos/music I love listening to and more importantly, “sanging” to at the top of my lungs. I am no singer, but it puts me in a good mood. It helps lift my mindset.

When I started this, Pepper had a LOT of hokey Hee Haw ideas. I have rejected all of them! But at this point, there are over 400 songs on YouTube that I use to clear my mind and calm my nerves, at times. I’ve been singing a lot lately.

Yesterday, we meet with Dr. Reid in Starkville to talk about the new plan for radiating the two small tumors in my brain.

I need targeted radiation instead of radiating the full brain. That makes me feel so much better about this. I have seen too many full brain radiation patients, and I was nervous about that. I will be doing radiation in Tupelo because they do not do targeted radiation in Starkville, only full brain.

I did a lot of “bellowing” on the way to Tupelo this morning. I was fitted with a mask for the radiation machine. I had imagined all kinds of things when they said “mask,” but it was no big deal and took about 20 minutes to get things done.

I will do targeted radiation for three sessions. We will start on Friday and also do Monday and Wednesday. I am SO happy it is not full brain radiation!!! We feel so much better after talking with Dr. Reid about it all. This feels like just another thing we have to do. It is not going to be so debilitating, which is what I was imagining.

When am I going to learn not to negative predict?!?!?! God’s got this and He knows how much I can handle!

But I think God and Pepper know I still can’t handle Conway Twitty, Buck Owens, and all his corny music!

Pepper’s singing and dancing have been difficult lately, with all that is going on with his mom. Sandra is not doing well with her brain tumor and she has gone down very quickly. Please continue to pray for our family. Having Sandra sick is so hard for all of us, but especially Pepper and Mitch.

Pepper hasn’t been doing a lot of dancing lately. I kinda miss it, but don’t tell him!!!!

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