The Jetsons lead me on

Dr. Hill said we are trying a new chemo thing!

In 10-14 days, Pepper is going to be my chemo nurse! I will be starting a pill that I can take from home. I love the girls and guys at the chemo center in #Starkville, but now, no early morning appointments 40 minutes away! YAY!

Pepper said he is planning to be a tough nurse, so I need to plan for a LOT of what he calls “straightening out!” He said Sherry and Steve were “too soft” on me! (Oh my! He may be taking this a little too seriously!)

Well, my take on it is I really can live in my pajamas! (Hopefully I will snap out of it soon, but until then, it is #pjsallday!)

I have been in a LOT of pain since in #chemoembolism on March 30. I have been running fever and so incredibly sore. I have had this procedure a lot and I firmly believe I have never been this miserable with it! One night, my fever got up to 101.8. I am a 96-97 degree girl, so even at 99-100, I am fairly miserable. When the pandemic started, I would joke with the nurses that, “y’all will know if I have a fever, because I will be crawling on my hands a knees at 99 degrees.” I don’t do high temps! I’m a cold girl! Pep says I like to ‘make it snow’ in the car year-round!

While I have thought my sore left side was a swollen spleen, it’s not. It’s just an angry liver.

But I would like to say, today, I felt every single bump and pothole on Peppertown Road, Tomahawk Road, the Natchez Trace and every road in between. It was a rough ride there and back. So, as of today, I am ready for my flying car! The Jetsons lead me on! I was totally convinced we would be flying cars by now! Bring it on! I am ready! It needs to be black! I love a black car/helicopter! And I would look so cute in it (mainly because I would not be grimacing in pain!)

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