Here we go again…

I am hooked up to everything! I am having a few chest pains that started up last night. All of the heart tests so far have been good, but I will be having a stress test on Monday.

Another piece of news: I have a blood clot in my arm and a large one in my leg — the right leg that always has everything happen to it.

I have never had a clot in my arm, but I have had the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) two other times. It is one of the weird side effects of chemo. So very few have this side effect, but as my oncologist says, if there is an obscure, weird side effect to any of this, I will have it!πŸ™„

#GODISGOOD I am where I need to be to find this out. That makes a big difference. I am so glad I found out here, instead of back home. God knows!

Some good news: I do not have pulmonary embolism, and all of my heart scans so far (EKG, PTINR & CT) have been perfect. AND there is no bacteria growing in my blood.

And if I don’t get to see Pepper soon, he may forget how to sing and dance. I may not like his musical tastes, but we can’t have THAT!

7 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Praying for you and sorry you’re having further problems! May God be with you and keep you strong! Thanks always for morning & evening prayers you have been sending us! May my prayers for you be as strong as your prayers are for all of your Bible study group! Take care with a lot of resting!

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