In Tupelo

I’m in Tupelo in an infectious disease quarantined area. So I’m not actively infected, but my white cells are so low that the chances of getting infected are extremely high. And I am safer here they just explained. ?

They seemed to have fixed the too thin blood problem in West Point with a Vitamin K infusion.

Dr. Hill (my oncologist) just came in. He is going to look at my blood counts from last night’s blood transfusion. There is some type of antibiotics they can give to stimulate my white blood cells. And we are going to work on that today. He said he would have me outta here by Thanksgiving?

I travelled here by bumpy ambulance from NMMC-West Point yesterday about 3:30 p.m. I had a four hour antibiotics before heading north, then more antibiotics when I got here.

At about 12:30 a.m., after more prep antibiotics, I had a blood transfusion because my white cells are low.

We are trying to uncover the source of infection. Hopefully we will have some more answers today. Maybe. I am just going with the flow.

I am looking forward to my poking and poking “vacation” in Tupelo. And Pepper and I have video call, so I don’t have to “vacation” without all of the singing and dancing. Don’t tell him I miss the Her Haw singing and dancing….

But I am getting a LOT of complements on my long eyelashes! Yay! All I can say is that my chemo has the opposite effect on me — instead of losing hair and losing weight right now, I am growing hair and gaining weight! So crazy!

4 thoughts on “In Tupelo

  1. Dr. Hill was Ernie’s doctor many years ago with his cancer & he”s doing good! So you definitely know you have the right Dr. He grew up in Corinth, MS where my mom was from so I’ve known him and his family a long time.
    I thought of this after sending you another message so enough of this & it’s 11:30 so good night & 1st message was sent at 9:00 not 5:30 in the morning of 11/21/20. Hope sending this so late doesn’t bother you! Sorry!

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