Another chemo embolism

My numbers went up two points and the tumors can be seen on a CT, so we are doing another chemo embolism to kill the cancer!!! #ihatecancer

We literally found out Monday, and it was scheduled Tuesday to be done Thursday. So fast!!!! Pepper and I have had the CRAZIEST two weeks, this should not be a surprise!! 😬

I am never consciously nervous and it drives Pepper wild! I believe God has given me a total lack of fear in regards to surgery. It is just something I have to do. This procedure drops beads of chemotherapy directly into my liver through a vein in my leg. I have had several of these.

There are “pre-treats” just like regular chemo, but it takes about an hour. The procedure takes less than an hour and then I have to lay completely flat in recovery for two hours. It is painful, but I ask them to give me everything they’ve got when they can. I have to be awake for most of the procedure because if I am asleep, I will breathe too deeply and it will interfere with dropping in the beads.

Pepper gets to wait in radiology recovery with me, but no one else due to COVID-19. He is always there for me. We make a good team!

He will crank up the singing once the embolism is over. He is a ball of nerves until then! That is one of the good things about this going quickly, Pep does have a lot of time to worry about it!

I see this as a blessing. #GODISGOOD to me! I have been asking for this for three months, but the previous CT did not show any tumors, but then the tumor markers increased from 9 to 11. Now it is at 13. This does a GREAT job of getting rid of tumors. For me, it means there are more options. For people with cancer, the more options, the better! It is when you are out of options that you are in trouble! OPTIONS! It is a good thing! #GODISGOOD


2 thoughts on “Another chemo embolism

  1. You are an amazing lady who continually shows me how strong our God is because it is his strength that he is giving to you to endure. You will never know how many thousands of people you are blessing along your journey. Tons of love to you and Pepper and prayers all day tomorrow.

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