Chemo Monday -with new meds

This may be weird, but I LOVE new medicine!

I am always so grateful that there is new medication to try to make cancer go away completely. The old medicine was good, but in the end, my tumor markers started to increase – a sign that the medicine is not working. New medicine is another chance at getting rid of it! And I am READY to get rid of it for good!!!

This round will last six months, and will be a long Chemo Monday and bring home a chemo bag of 5FU, a two hour Chemo Tuesday with the 5FU bag, then back to Starkville on Wednesday to have the 5FU bag removed. I will do this every two weeks. That’s better than every week, so I am excited about that.

New medicine is always interesting. Will it work? Will I have a reaction? Will it make me sick? What will be the side effects (because there are ALWAYS side effects!!!)?

The great thing is I know that God and Pepper are with me every step of the way, and that is such a blessing! #GODISGOOD

Y’all know I am all about that #quarantinelife — while everyone else was in quarantine, did you experience a lot more than average singing and dancing from the husband? Even when he is cooking supper? (I NEVER sing or dance in the kitchen???) Is this normal?

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