New chemo meds

Well, the tumor markers have gone up two more points. It is at 13.

Needless to say, I am disappointed. We saw Dr. Hill this week and he suggested that a tumor marker increase like this means the meds have stopped working as effectively as it once was.

So now, I have a two blissful weeks off from chemo! When I go back, we will start a new medication. 😕

I do not think I have had a week off in years. What will I do with myself?

During all this COVID-19 stuff, doctor’s offices and hospitals are taking your temperature and they ask, “Have you travelled anywhere? Have you been out of the country?” I will say NO, and Pepper has gotten into the habit of saying, “She hasn’t even traveled to the kitchen, let alone out of the country!” (SMARTY-PANTS) So, during this little break, I may venture into the kitchen and do a little cooking. We will see…

Pepper is so good to go with me to all of my appointments. We have so much fun singing to the radio as we drive all over the world between Starkville and Tupelo these days. And yes, he tries to sing old grizzly country music, even in the car. He is SUCH a goofball! Luckily, I am close enough to the radio to change it!!!! Or I get the earphones out and listen to Spotify! He hates it when I do that, but that does make it fun!

4 thoughts on “New chemo meds

  1. Please go to Cancer Center Of America and read up on them. I started going to Georgia about 4 months and they have really helped us. I had my scan today and i am in remission stage 4 is what I was diagnosed with.

    • That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you! My insurance basically told me they would only pay for medical within my home state of Mississippi. I was approved medically at MD Anderson, but my insurance would not pay. I was very recently approved for Medicare, so maybe it is something that I need to look into again.

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