Just another…


So, my tumor markers went up two points to 11. I know, I know, they are down from 20, but going up is a little disappointing. I begged Dr. Howard to do another chemo embolism, but since they are not showing up on my CT, we are going to wait and do another scan in three months to see what’s what.

I hate waiting!

Waiting is one of those virtues I NEVER ask God for help with, because He gives me plenty of opportunities to learn it if I pay attention!!!!! UGH! It is DEFINITELY one of the first lessons you learn with cancer!

But what a BLESSING to be in the low tumor marker numbers and thank the Lord for a short day of chemo! Every other Monday is just three hours, compared to six hours the following week. UGH!

HEE HAW UPDATE: Apparently, Hee Haw is gone for the time being from the RFD-TV channel (no one else is picking it up, either, PTL). Someone at my house is quite sad about it, but I am HAPPY!!! WOOPWOOP! But believe me, the corney jokes and the horrible music will live on at our house until someone is too senile to remember the words!

You can pray for me! I was told this week that I will have a lifetime of HEE HAW, “as long as we both shall live!” (Lord help us!) 😬

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