Not as scary as it looks 🤪

Not as scary as it looks! I have always had a bad cough brought on by allergies as far as doctors could tell over the years. In 2020, I have officially been coughing all year. I have been taking strong medicines to get it under control  and it finally ended this weekend. The folks at the cancer center suggested it might be chronic bronchitis (that lasts forever!) So I took the lung capacity test at OCH Regional Medical Center this afternoon. I hope we can solve the mystery. I am tired of coughing my head off — especially getting a tickle in your throat in the middle of the night and you cough hysterically and wake up everyone! 😝 It wears you out! Pepper always asks if I need water or cough medicine, then rolls over and is snoring again in seconds! He is amazing! His powers of sleep are truly remarkable! #GODISGOOD

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