All about a cute mask

It is CHEMO MONDAY! It will be a long day, and there are doctor appointments all week! But, I have a cute mask, gonna listen to good music or a podcast, get a GOOD nap and have the FANCY NANCY from Chicken Salad Chick for lunch! It makes the day just a little bit better! #GODISGOOD and I am INCREDIBLY blessed.

My chauffeur, Pepper, is headed to Allen Chiropractic Center this morning for an “attitude adjustment!” Hopefully it will help him feel a little better about life as we know it. He is in “Hee Haw” mourning, and terribly cranky.

Despite the fact that Hee Haw is no longer playing on RFD-TV, someone is doing a little singing and dancing, but not as much as before. Who would have thought they would EVER take it off the air? It has been a BIG issue at our house!

Bless his sweet ❤️! Maybe Dr. Allen can get him feeling better so he can get back to his singing and dancing!

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