Monday mood

I am at chemo in Starkville, about to get the day started. Matlock is blaring on the neighbor’s television. It is almost as bad as Hee Haw!!! (BTW, RFD-TV has taken Hee Haw off the air on Sunday nights! Yay for me, but Pepper is inconsolable! 😂🤣)

Today is a “short” day, so I will be here just three hours, instead of six. I am not quite awake just yet, but I can tell y’all, ear phones and a white noise app are blessings straight from God!

No more Hee Haw, earphones AND a white noise app, just try to tell me God is not looking out for me!

Unfortunately, Pepper has decided to launch his own personal episode of Her Haw each week to keep the tradition alive…LORD HELP US! 🤪


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