😷 Under the weather

No pneumonia — but you wouldn’t know it to hear my cough! So, just like in elementary and high school, my allergies are kicking into overdrive. I will say, the coughing is made 10x worse by Friday’s chemo embolism. This is a level of pain I haven’t dealt with in a WHILE! But, #GODISGOOD and I am getting better everyday! 😷

6 thoughts on “😷 Under the weather

  1. iv fell and hurt my shoulder ….did they make you wait 2 week…it is chip broken of …is that what they did to you and buy the way heard big time
    how is it going with the treatment going
    I’m praying for you and one we well get to see you again Love you

    • Bless your ❤️ – you fell and chipped your shoulder? That happened to me too and it was extremely painful! I hope surgery and physical therapy go well! Much love! ❤️

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