Chemo, chemo chemo

I had this big revelation – I have had chemo every week this year, with the exception of one in-between regular and preventative. And most of last year. That’s a lot of chemo.

We see Dr. Hill on the 26th and Dr. Howard’s nurse practitioner on Dec. 27th. I am hoping that means I can go to every two weeks. That would be a little bit of a break.

I was hoping for that last week. We saw Dr. Hill’s nurse practitioner last Tuesday. I am still in remission but the tumor counts increased from 1.9 to 2.4. Remission is 2.5. I am doing my one medicine an additional four weeks to see where we are. It may mean going back on the other meds again, but whatever it takes!

On another note, I made mention that by saying my appointment time for next week’s chemo aloud, I can remember it easier in case I lose the paperwork (it happens sometimes 😳) Then Sherry the chemo nurse said she saw a movie where Samuel L. Jackson would sing things to remember, “My wallet is on the table.” She said that IN FRONT OF PEPPER SISSON! As if singing crazy country songs is not enough! It will be Conway and George Jones ALL THE TIME! I should schedule my breakdown in the coming weeks — with all this Conway, I know it is coming😬😬😬!


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