A little good news…

We are so deeply blessed and grateful…God is so good!

Still on remission and going down to just one medicine per week — making progress! #GODISGOOD

We saw my oncologist yesterday in Tupelo. We were so exhausted when we returned home. We left at 9:30 a.m. and got home around 6 p.m. For a girl who thinks a shower wears her out, every trip it a big thing these days. I had a CT then waited “forever” to see the doctor. #GODISGOOD

But, YAY! This is sorta preventative chemo. I usually take four chemo meds per week (five if I am low on magnesium). Now, I will just take one medicine every week for eight weeks, check my blood work, then move to the same medicine every two weeks, every three weeks, then once a month in eight week intervals. It all depends on how the blood work looks every two months. If all goes well, I will be off of chemo on eight months. #GODISGOOD

Walking into Starkville’s Hemotology and Oncology office, I feel like Norm walking into Cheers. Everyone is always so kind, and we are both so grateful for their time and patience. #GOSISGOOD

Other great news — by getting off the other three meds, I should not be dealing with the weakness, exhaustion, incessant diarrhea and extreme mouth sores. YAY!!! Bring it on! #GODISGOOD

Unfortunately, the medicine I will stay on causes the extremely dry skin, bumps everywhere and blisters on toes. The whining will continue, I’m afraid. Looks like I will be a “hermit” hanging out in my personal “bat cave” (the recliner in my living room) for another eight months, but watch out world next July! Y’all will be begging for me to shut up, settle down,stop posting pictures on social media, and “go home, already!” WATCH OUT WORLD!!! #GODISGOOD

Other than the constant onslaught of Hee Haw singing and dancing and imaginary email messages from Vanna White or Pat Sajak (Pepper Sisson is so wild and crazy!) I do not mind the “bat cave.” #GODISGOOD

I feel like I should be doing something productive. But I am enjoying all the movies and television I have missed out on over the years of working late nights in an office or freelance projects done in whatever “spare time” (what’s that??) I had at home over the years. While I have been reading and writing a little, my brain feels “fried” and mental work wears me out so quickly. Chemo is also causing more headaches. (I have always had occular migraines occasionally, but these days, it is at least five or six days a week. It can’t be a coincidence that I am on chemo.) #GODISGOOD

I am totally obssessed with NCIS Los Angeles, Arrow, Longmire, Roswell New Mexico, Starcrossed, Tidelands, Scooby Doo, In The Heat of the Night, Reign, Cinderella, Project Runway, Bring It, Outlander, all of the variations of Pride and Prejudice and Beauty & The Beast (every variation, including the CW edition from a few years ago), and currently, Criminal Minds and football season. And I am counting the days until The Crown and Anne With An E will be back on Netflix with new seasons!!! Who knew a person can enjoy fanny-kicking shows as well as aliens and Disney Princess movies? I have have strange tastes, I think. I am also obssessed with movies, tv, and social media of stars featuring some of the actors of these shows, Elsa Patsky, Stephen Smell, Emily Bett Richards, Matthew Gray Gubler, Eric Christian Olson and his wife Sarah, Jay Ryan, Dan Stevens and Emma Watson. Pep hates most of this!

We both LOVE Wheel of Fortune, and Pepper has been beating me bad at our game of guessing the puzzle before the contestants and each other. He also cheats, so he claims a win all of the time. Even if it is the Bonus Round. If he has had a bad night at the Wheel, he claims the winner of the Bonus Round is for “all the money.” He is so weird. But what a blessing he is ❤️! #GODISGOOD

I am still resisting Hee Haw. Married to Pepper Sisson, I think I have enough “goofball” in my life. I am starting to think it is charming that he loves it! maybe he is starting to make headway with me! oh no!!!!!!! My sanity may be in jeapordy! Keep me in your prayers!

7 thoughts on “A little good news…

  1. glad you are going down to one med – and wishing you continued strength and peace (and joy) in the process of healing.
    and hearing your shows – well it reminds me that we do live in a day that is awesome for all the access we have to watch amazing quality shows on demand!
    I am healing from a minor rib injury and enjoyed some TV myself – and recently enjoyed a show called “Undone” by amazon – pretty amazing effects –
    okay – wishing you wellness

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