First PET scan of the year

Cancer teaches a lot of lessons, good and bad. When I saw the above quote on Pinterest, I recognized the lesson immediately!

On that note, I’m having a PET scan on Thursday, and will see Dr. Hill later that afternoon. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I would really like the two remaining tumors to DIE! The have been subjected to chemo embolism and should be DEAD by now! KILLKILLKILL!

I haven’t had new tumors pop up (that we know about or have been able to see in CT scans), just hanging out with the same two “baddies” for over a year and a half! I am told that sometimes it can take over a year, but those two are not DYING quick enough for me!

But #GODISGOOD and #REMISSION is still a good word, but #THETUMORSMUSTDIE!!!!!!

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