Limited singing and dancing

He has had a WEEKEND! I am sure it is ALL sympathy pain!

After two and a half months of agonizing sciatic nerve pain, Pepper woke up Saturday morning with an incredibly stiff back. He could barely move. It was worse on Sunday.

We called Sandra and Monette to put him on the prayer list at church. He said when Monette requests his name, Pepper wanted the entire congregation of Bellefontaine United Methodist to say, “awwwwww”!” And apparently, they did it! So much fun and occasionally silliness from our church family!

And then, the leg on my shower stool broke while Pepper was showering!!! He said it was like falling in slow motion, but you couldn’t react! Let’s just say, there was water ALL over the restroom floor. But he wasn’t sore Monday from the fall, so YAY for small miracles!

Today at the medical clinic, he received a shot and had his back x-rayed. The shot is making him feel better tonight! Hopefully, we will get x-ray results tomorrow!

I can safely say, his dancing has been severely limited, #SMALLMIRACLES, but please know, it has not dampened his bellering/singing abilities!


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