#TUESDAYTIPS – You NEED these two fans for #chemo hot flashes

You need these two fans! Buy them now at Walmart this summer. Buy AA batteries. They are a God-send for radiation/chemo-induced menopause or hot-flash reactions to medicine.

They are not available in the Fall and Winter, so buy two or three. They are $1 or $2. You fill both of them with water and keep them by your side at all times. A cool spray of water with the fan can reduce a hot flash in no time.

I had a problem with the one I bought last summer (the spray would work, but no matter how many new batteries I put in, the fan would not work. I have pink ones for the summer (I like pink) and gray ones for the winter. I wil NOT go through another winter without one. Stock up NOW!

Pepper always says I use the air-conditioner to “make it snow” in the car year-round. He is tough. He can handle it. But the fan provides me a personal cooling device without freezing others solid. One time, I was having a chemo hot flash. I had the air conditioner in the car on HIGH BLOW and it was 32 degrees outside. Pepper was convinced it would snow in the vehicle at any minute.

These fans are also excellent for kids playing summer (or anytime) sports and ladies going through traditional menapause. Trust me – the fans are WELL WORTH the money!

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