Almost there

It has been quite a while, but I am almost there! I am ALMOST in remission!!!!! #GODISGOOD

Remission is my tumor markers at 2.5 and as of yesterday, I am at 2.83!!!!!!!! We are wildly excited!

Dr. Hill was THRILLED! (He loves sharing good news when he can!) I had a CT Friday and two tumors are still in my liver, but they have not grown since my last CT on January 2. Things started to change in late January and February, and we changed chemo medicine in early March. The last time I saw Dr. Hill, my tumor markers went from 54 in February to 10.8. And while I was hoping to be in complete remission at this trip, I got the next best thing! YAY!

This new medicine dries me up — skin, eyes, nose, mouth, feet and all parts in between. And I have the shingles — that side of my body is no longer in pain, but I definitely know where those two purple strips are on my back. They are drying up and forming scabs, but WOW that is painful! At the height of the shingles pain, I had a urinary tract infection. Oh my goodness! I thought I was going to lose it!

We are so excited, and while we have been singing and praising God for good news, the dancing has been limited by my painful dry cracked feet (thak you chemo meds) and Pepper’s sciatic nerve pain.

Now, the last time I was in remission, we found out Pepper had a broken foot two days later. (Not sympathy pain after all, supposedly). And while I am not quite there, Pepper is having horrible sciatic nerve pain. I am hoping he will get a Decadron shot at Dr. Vowell’s office this afternoon. Might still be sympathy pain, but he is gimping around.

My Aunt Monette says we are “sick and afflicted,” — not sure which is which? #GODISGOOD

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