Meal Prepping: Part 3 — The Mix-Ups

There’s been a mix-up!

Sometimes, meal prepping can get a little wild! There is a lot going on and you have to stay organized.

But some of my FAVORITE mix-ups are never a problem!

In prep for the week, I will keep small Mason jars with my three favorite mix-ups – Tuna salad, bacon “thingy,” and tuna patties. All of these mix-ups are super simple, but having them prepped and ready to go makes the week go so much smoother.

I have loved tuna salad for as long as I can remember. Both of my grandmothers would make tuna salad with loads of mayonnaise so that one or two cans could feed a crowd. My mom loves pickles, so her tuna salad has a lot of the dill stuff. My mother-in-law makes great tuna salad with finely chopped onions.

Everyone makes their tuna salad. When I make it for myself, I love chopped boiled eggs, salt, a little bit of pickle relish (most people know I HATE pickles, but I do like a taste of it in tuna salad), and generous mayo, but not a lot. Having this on hand for a quick snack or lunch during the week is nice and quick.

Sometimes I will put mayonnaise on white bread if I am feeling I need a little more mayo. I keep this in a Mason jar to keep the smell of tuna from overtaking the refrigerator!

My next “mix-up” is for what I call “bacon thingys.” This is great on a piece of regular bread and toasted in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Put it on fancier bread and serve as a party treat or appetizer. Anyway, this mix-up is nice to have on hand if you are running late and need a quick breakfast.

Bacon “things” require a bag of Oscar Mayer Real bacon bits. Those tiny hard things found in a lot of salad bars are NOT what I am talking about. If you can’t find “Real Bacon” bacon bits, try cooking your own bacon and crumbling it very small. You will also add two heaping tablespoons of mayonnaise, one half a bar of medium Cheddar cheese (or whatever type or Cheddar you prefer), just a little finely chopped onion and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. The onion is a personal preference. I do not like a lot of onion in it. You may feel differently, so experiment to taste. Also, in a Mason jar and ready to use as needed throughout the week. We love this so much, we have out this together for a midnight snack or two!

My third “mix-up” is for a supper meal. We LOVE tuna patties. I had never eaten such a thing until I met my mother-in-law. If you have had salmon patties, it is the same idea – I am just not a fan of salmon like this. In prepping for this, I will mix up three small cans of solid white albacore tuna (drained), two eggs, with a teaspoon of flour and ¼ chopped onion (again, you might want more onion). I will put this mixture in a Mason jar to prep for a supper meal later in the week. Again, the Mason jar keeps the tuna smell from overtaking the refrigerator.

When I go to cook it, I cover a cast iron skillet in oil and get it hot. I will drop a nice tablespoon of the mixture into the skillet. I can get six or seven tablespoons of the mixture in one skillet. I allow it to brown and become very crispy on both sides before putting them on a paper towel to drain away extra oil. We love them with ketchup with a side or two of veggies. I am sure some of y’all could suggest a dipping sauce that would great enhance the flavor, but we love it! Tuna patties is one of our favorite meals!!

May is National Salad Month, and I want to continue the “mix-up” theme by finding the BEST chicken salad recipe out there! Everyone makes it differently, so I want to hear from you – how do you make your chicken salad?

Have a recipe you would like me to feature? Share your favorite recipe at or message me on Twitter or Facebook.



See this column in the April 26, 2019 edition of The Winona Times.

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