Found a rainbow

Whoo hoo! My tumor markers are down significantly for the month of March!!! We are incredibly excited! I am not in remission yet, but getting closer every day!

In January, my tumor markers were 14, at the end of January, they were at 30 and in February, they jumped to 54. In March, we tried a new chemo medicine. We were told that it causes acne, but I haven’t had a breakout. Tiny whiteheads here and there, but nothing serious. Dr. Hill said if I had acne, it would mean that the medicine was working. My side effect for this medicine is the equivolent of an extremely bad sunburn –mostly on the back, underarms, the back of my neck and thighs! It is quite painful! My skin is peeling. But no acne.

I was nervous going in to my appointment Friday. I usually take it as it comes – no nerves – but I was going to be highly disappointed if there wasn’t some reduction in the tumor count. It hurts to move!

We had a long-ish wait for Dr. Hill. But then, he comes through the door saying, “it was worth the wait!”

My tumor markers are down to 10.8 and we could not be more thrilled! I am excited to see where I will be next month! I have high hopes of remission!

The plan is to come back in six weeks for a CT scan and visit with Dr. Hill. I will continue my six months of this chemo which should put me at the end of August for a PET scan. If the scan is clear, I will move to preventative chemo!

Pepper has been amazing, as always. God has really blessed me with an AMAZING guy — even if he has horrible taste in music, and he is not JLo on the dance floor, by any means! But I am entertained! I can’t believe I said that!!! Somebody do something if I start liking Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Conway Twitty, Dolly and Loretta! Maybe I have offically gone crazy! What do y’all think?


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