Peace be with you

It is another chemo day, and I have a cold. Wearing a face mask is HORRIBLE, but I am trying to protect others from my “sick cooties” while trying to stay sane!!!!

When I was little, I had asthma and during high school, I had allergy-induced bronchial asthma. (I am sure my classmates remember my horrible cough.) Something about wearing a face mask gives me that feeling of not being able to breathe-very similar to my asthma issuses. It is everything in my power to stay seated right now and not run outside for a breath of fresh air! (I felt like that most of my elementary and high school years too!) Luckily, I have outgrown a lot of those allergies and only deal with the cough and trouble breathing when I am sickly.

But #GODISGOOD because He is helping me to find my peace (which is taking incredible willpower) and remember to take it one life-giving breathe at a time!

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