Here we are again…

Since December, I have been thinking, “one more,” “one more,” “one more.” And today, I am still saying that. Eventually, I will transition to once a month “preventative.”

I am not quite in remission. My two tiny tumors in my liver are getting slightly smaller, but have not gone away. At my last oncologist visit, my tumor markers are at 10, down from 14. That’s good, but not “remission” good. They are too small to do another chemo embolism.

The problem with regular chemo is that I am practically LIVING in the recliner. I have no energy. When I do have spurts of energy, I seem to blow it by doing too much and I am worn out for two or three days. I am ready to feel up to doing a little more.

My “new normal” may be a little slower paced (as opposed to the “Tazmanian Devil” speed I typically like to live on). I would like to at least operate on “Pepper speed.” I could inflict a little singing and dancing on folks!

I am ready!

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