Gotta love a sleep mask! BTW, the new chemo medicine worked GREAT today! No painful side effects! I slept right through it! But, I am struggling to sleep tonight.

But as on DAY ONE’S of chemo weeks past, my stomach feels swollen, I have a serous case of “chemo brain,” it also triggers an occular migrine and I have a hard time sleeping–now whether that is chemo or the migraine, I am not sure.

After posting about my LAST FOUR chemo treatments earlier today, I was told there may be additional treatments with the new medicine. BOOOOOO! #Ihatecancer

From the beginning (3 1/2 years ago), I committed to doing whatever it takes to get through this (I have worlds of stuff I want to do still, and most of it revolves around Pepper Sisson!) But I must say, that was hard to hear today.

On the bright side, the new chemo med runs well with my two hour Tuesday medicine. So we doubled up today and I do not have to go to chemo on Tuesday. WOO HOO — a day off! I will go back Wednesday and have the 5FU continous feed chemo bag removed!

By the way, since Wednesday is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE day because the chemo bag is off and I am somewhat a “free” woman for a week and a half, in my world, Wednesday will officially be called #GWENESDAY!!
#GODISGOOD #cancer

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