We hope y’all have an amazing day, celebrating all that you are thankful for with friends and family.

We are starting the day with breakfast and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, then Pepper will head to his mom’s for Thanksgiving with the Sissons. I am hanging out at home this year due to low blood count numbers last week and two mean shots to bring that up. I don’t need to get sick right now.

Anyway, I am all about leftovers and tv this year (and how is that different from every other day). Tomorrow Pepper will celebrate with the Woods’.

It is a little different holiday, but I am incredibly thankful for all those in my life who love me and who are praying for me. I have worlds of friends and special people who are such a big pat of my life. My family has been amazing, especially Pepper. I might have missed all of that if not for cancer.

#GOSISGOOD and He is constantly teaching me lessons. A big one is thanksgiving. Giving thanks every day. Being thankful for those who want to be kind to you (whether you are comfortable with the help or not.) Being thankful for the one guy God gave you who is doing everything for you. And the family God placed you in for a reason. Thanks to all of our friends and family.

In the spirit of Thankgiving, I wanted share a few pix of Thanksgiving Past that are stuck on my phone.

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