Keep On Keepin’On

The good news is, there is no bad news. But it still wasn’t what I wanted to hear!

We visited Dr. Hill today and I will be changing chemo meds so there (hopefully) will not be any more excrucating pain on Mondays!!!!! (I’ve developed a weird reaction to a medicine that have taken for three years…weird!) My tumor counts were 14, and while that is not bad (and most would LOVE to have that number), I was disapointed. It was 10 at my last visit. We are hoping the change in meds will get us going in the right direction.

Dr. Hill said on my last CT scan the tumors could not even be seen in my liver. Tumor markers under 2.5 is considered “in remission.” I was just expecting to be there by now, since we didn’t have far to go.

I will have four more chemo sessions and a CT scan at the end of December, and go from there!😒

We are incredibly blessed and know that #GODISGOOD –I just need to adjust my expectations!

And on another front, if SOMEONE the song, “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” or “Hello, Darlin’,” I may SNAP!

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