So that happened…

It was a HORRENDOUS crash! My big toe on the left foot is too ugly for a close up!

In the middle of the night, I fell. I dropped the Robitussin. I was in the middle of one of the worst sinus colds of my life. The Tussin was vital! So I bent over to look for it and hit the floor. I don’t know exactly what I did, but two little toes on the right and my big toe on the left got the brunt of the crash. There were a Lot of bruises on my upper arms. It was weird, but I apparently pulled at the big toe toenail. It is awful!

So after dragging myself to Tupelo to see my oncologist and do a CT of my lungs and liver, the family bought a walker for me. I feel a little weird about it, but Pepper likes the idea of no more falls! But I am using it, especially around the house.

As far as the CT and doctor visit, the two small tumors still in my liver are a little smaller, so that is good news! The pulmonary embolism (from March) is dissolving like it is supposed to. There is a small portion of it left in my left lower lung, so more good news! So, we will continue chemotherapy treatments as planned, every two weeks for three days at a time.

The oncologist seemed to enjoy our visit. He says I have the most extreme of the chemo side effects. As we discussed the weirdness, he looked at my jacked up toes. He doesn’t think they are broken, but deep tissue injuries. When I asked when does the medical marjuana start up, (because after the fall, I am ready) Dr. Hill laughed and said, “you think you broke your toes this time, you really will on that,” and laughed his way out the door!


And tomorrow, I am having my head examined! #GODISGOOD

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