‘Three ships, sailing across the water…’

When I was in portions of the Fourth and Fifth Grades, we moved to Mattoon, Ill. It was a culture shock, to say the least.

The Fifth Grade Class at Columbia Elementary School that year had the Columbus Day play. There were three homeroom classes. One class dressed up as colonial people, one class dressed as boat people (they looked like pirates, but they were Columbus and his crew) and one class were monks. Guess which group I was in…the monks. Everyone else had cute costumes and we were stuck with tunics made of burlap. I was to jealous of those girls wearing colorful dresses with hooped skirts.

Other than the fashion, the only other thing I remember from the play, is a Columbus Day song. All day I have been singing the chorus (the only part of the song I remember) which goes -“Three ships, sailing across the water, sailing across the water, sailing across the sea.” Somewhere in the song, it mentions the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. I think I forget momre and more of thd song each year.

On a more recent Columbus Day, we actually went to #Columbus Miss. to see a genuine replica of the Pinta, docked in the #TennTom River. Pepper and I took Georgia and Maggia and Sandra. I was amazed how small it was. It was interesting and educational. We loved it! It was about five or six years ago, but I think they are comiing back soon. I took photos and wrote a story for #TheStarkvilleDailyNews. Here is a link to that story, but none of the great photos from the day.


This year’s #ColumbusDay was filled with doctor visits. The good thing about making special memories on special days is that years when it is a not-so-special holiday, you can remember the fun times and sing, “Three ships, sailing across the water, sailing across the sea…” Here’s hoping your #ColumbusDay was very special!

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