Philippians 4:13

I am part of a Facebok Bible Study group and last week we were to read Phillippians and share insights with the group. I wanted to share with y’all what I shared with the group about this Bible verse that has meant to much to me and Pepper.

“Philippians 4:13 –This is an incredibly special verse for Pepper and me. In 1992, (long before we started dating) Pepper was in a serious car accident and had a closed head injury. A doctor told him he didn’t understand why the accident didnt snap his neck and kill him instantly. Doctors said to his family, ‘he might not be here tomorrow and he might not be here in 10 minutes.’ He survived and kept surviving. A few days in, he had a stroke, but he kept on surviving. When he came to, he had to learn to walk and talk again. He had a long road to health. I made him a poster for his room featuring this verse. The message I left on the back referenced the characters we played in a play at Eupora High School. Needless to say, his family thought I needed to be in the hospital too! It took a little while for Pepper to figure it out and explain the message. The verse has also been incredibly powerful for all of the challenges we have faced throughout our marriage. I am very blessed to have married a man with strong faith, and this verse has been one we have prayed and quoted numerous times over the years. It is incredibly special to both of us. I hope it can be a special verse for y’all too.”

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