Next round of chemo starts Monday

Here we go again! The latest round of chemo starts Monday! And I was just starting to enjoy Oreo Blasts from the Sonic. And eyebrows.

Well, Pepper and I have always been “whatever it takes” – “roll with it” kinda folks when it comes to cancer treatment. But I will miss ice cream…and eyebrows.

Just like the last round, it will be all day Monday, take home a bag of continous flow chemo meds, all day Tuesday, take home the bag of chemo, then go back Wednesday to remove the bag. The chemo makes the skin in my mouth hyper-sensitive to cold foods. It is actually painful to have a drink with ice in it. Like someone socked you in the throat. Sometimes foods like bread or chips scratch the skin in my mouth and throat and it feels weird. And sometimes–particularily the days of chemo– it can be hard to swallow.

There are all kinds of weird side effects. Toward the end of the last round of chemo, I lost half of each eyebrow and had bald spots in my very thin hair. It is still thin, wiry and weird, but my hair is starting to grow. But, my hair stylist (Jennifer Harrison at Reflections) says it is growing back grey! I don’t really mind. I have said from the beginning of all this that I had lots of hair and weight I could lose. It’s okay. I am very blessed to have it, and besides, I have plenty of hats and scarves that I am ready to try out!

I have just two very small tumors, but we are going to attack them every two weeks for six months.

The good news is Dr. Hill says my symptoms from the pulmonary embolism should be getting better in August or September. He said it takes most patients about six months to get to feeling more like themselves. I am ready! It takes 100 percent strength and sanity to listen to Hee Haw singing and dancing every night (though it is quite entertaining!) I am even starting to let him win at our Wheel of Fortune game! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? #GODISGOOD

2 thoughts on “Next round of chemo starts Monday

  1. Praying for you to have no pain and that the weird effects of chemo go away so you can eat cold ice cream. Think of you often. Praise God for the blessings of good doctors, beneficial meds, and a sweet husband who sings and dances for you.

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