After all that work…

There are still two tumors in my liver. They did shrink and now are slowly starting to grow again. After all that work with regular chemo and chemo embolisms…

I think it was in April that my tumor markers were at 2 (under 2.5 is considered remission). As of Thursday’s visit to Dr. Hill, the tumor markers are at 7. Not terrible, but shows slow regrowth.

They are scheduling a PET scan and we will be doing another round of chemo.

Over the past few months, I have been home, recovering from a tough last round of chemo and the massive pulmonary embolism from March. (Dr. Hill says I should be able to breathe better and do more in August or September! Yay!) It has been “slow-go” for quite a while now but I have had the muscial stylings of Pepper Sisson to keep me thoroughly entertained! (He also had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands during this time to cut down on severe nerve pain in his arms–so for a time there, the dancing was limited, but the singing NEVER stopped!!!)

After a lot of prayer and seeking advice, we have decided to not put FBC Eupora through another round of chemo with us and I am planning to apply for disability. It was a very hard decision, because the members have been so good to me. I have said repeatedly that FBC Eupora has been so good to us that I “would work there until I retire,” but it is not fair for them when I will be gone so much to doctors visits and chemo and whatever else! Working there has been an incredible blessing for me and Pepper. We will always consider FBC Eupora a part of our family.

I am sad about it, but it is the right thing for the time being.

Now I will have to learn to adjust to twangy Hee Haw singing and dancing 24/7!!!! Pray for me!

8 thoughts on “After all that work…

  1. Your smile and upbeat attitude will be missed. We are praying for both you and Pepper. I fear a ray of happiness and sonshine has left the office of FBC.

  2. Sweet Gwen, Buddy and I are praying for you and Pepper too. We feel your pain, frustrations, disappointments and your hope and encouragement. We are praising the Lord for being faithful in His promises and for being the great physician and healer.

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