Last stomach shot…thank goodness!!!

Last stomach shot from the pulmonary embolism experience! YAY! (Chemo side effect) Only one more regular chemo left! WHOO HOO! This one’s been tough y’all! Then I’ll start preventative chemo once a month or every three weeks for the rest of the year. Still getting out of breath quickly, but will be working to get past the extreme exhustion of chemo. Slowly but surely, but getting better every day! I was officially in remission last week, but it is going to take a little longer to get over the cure! My white blood cell count has been down, so if I am not going to a doctor or chemo, I am hibernating! And oh, the Hee Haw songs…I am still amused, but Buck Owens and Conway Twitty are getting crazy-making!. Lucky for me, the dance moves are getting more interesting each day! Ha! #GODISGOOD #REMISSIONISAWONDERFULWORD

3 thoughts on “Last stomach shot…thank goodness!!!

  1. Gwen so glad to hear. That you are doing so much better. My mom & Aunt are coming for a visit Not exactly sure when.. I am so glad the Lord has answered everyone’s prayers. You have had a tough time. We are all so glad you knocked the cancer back. The cancer cells knew the longer they stayed the more of that music they would be subjected to. So they did the correct thing & left, Thank God! I will write you a letter in a few days via facebook messenger. Lynn

  2. So glad you are feeling some better. Praying that all this will behind you soon. You are so special to all of us.😊😊

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