I didn’t know you used those muscles for everything! 

Apparently, you use your shoulder musles to blink! 

The shoulder surgery went better than expected…but why can you have the nerve block that can last until the shoulder is healed? 

I had two torn bicep tendons that had to be reattached to the bone. The floating thing was just snipped off. And Dr. Chad Williams didn’t find any tears in the rotator cuff or the labrim. Yay!

Every one said shoulder surgery pain was the equivilant of child birth pain.  Well, it is not THAT bad, but I am in a lot of pain. It is similar to the pain I had before if I over-did-it, except it is all the time.

 I take that back….I just tried to get out of the sling to change the bandages and get a bath, I barely got out of the sling before having screaming pain!!!! I will try again tomorrow, because “tomorrow is another day!” Back to keeping it perfectly still.

As I have said all along, if I am perfectly still, it is not that bad. And then there are sassy nurses that say, “ya, and you can keep it perfectly still all the time”– sassy!

Also, the CT on Friday showed the tumor we knew about is slightly larger and there is a new small tumor in the left lobe. So, chemo starts again when the shoulder has healed. We expect to start Oct. 16 in Starkville. 

Won’t I look funny wearing a shoulder sling and a 5FU chemo bag! HA! It will be a full day in rhe chair, take home the bag, then come back for a few hours in the chair the next day, then go back the following day to remove the bag. I will do rhis three day adventure every two weeks until March.

Add in physical therapy on my shouler — it is going to be an interesting fall and winter! 

On another note, Pepper makes breakfast better than I do! We are uncovering special gifts other than bellowing Conway Twitty or Buck Owens at the top of his lungs. 

#GodIsGood and has a great sense of humor! But this time, I intend to learn whatever it is that God is trying to teach me so that I do not keep going around “this mountain!” Tired of being an Israelite! 

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