Shoulder surgery & Round 4

Is it wrong to be more worried about Pepper’s cooking than shoulder surgery? Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, then in three weeks, chemo begins again in Starkville.

After the spider/crash incident, I broke my nose and hurt my shoulder. The nose was fixed and is starting to feel much better, but my insurance required four weeks of physical therapy for a shoulder that wasn’t broken. I cried almost everyday of physical therapy. The people of Hometown Physical Therapy in Eupora are wonderful, I don’t understand why I had to go through that tourture just to get an MRI on my shoulder!!! INSURANCE!!

The MRI was in the Top 5 Most Painful Experiences I have EVER been through. They shoot dye in the shoulder, before the test. I was screamming! It was horrible!

There are two torn tendons that will be reattached to the bone, a small tear in the rotator cuff and some sort of material floating around in there. Dr. Williams at OCH Orthapedics said I will REALLY hate him for two weeks, then physical therapy starts back. For two months, he said I will hate him, and in that third month, I will start to like him again. We will see about that!

In the meantime, the tumor in the liver that was too close to the entrance to the stomach to be micro-ablased in June, has grown a little and a new small tumor has developed in the left lobe of the liver. Because one of the chemo meds inhibits wound healing, I will start chemo Oct. 16. Round 4 will be three days a week, every two weeks until March. 

Sweet Pepper is singing and dancing like nobody’s business! There is this particularily AWFUL song Buck Owens sang the other night on Hee Haw called, Sexy Movies. I will NEVER like that song, and Pepper Sisson loves to stand in front of the television and BELLER it to the top of his lungs! Lord, help us all! 

And since I will be living in the recliner for the next 3-6 months, (I have slept in a recliner since the horendous crash of July 16) mom and dad bought us new recliners! Yay! Totally electric luxury from Room to Room Furniture in Tupelo. Love it!  

Since I will be down to one arm, Pepper will be doing the cooking and cleaning around here. If we all live through Pep’s cooking,we are going to have a big party to celebrate him on his birthday, May 9! He will deserve it!!! #GODISGOOD #PRAYPEPPERCANCOOK

3 thoughts on “Shoulder surgery & Round 4

  1. I had my torn rotator cuff surgery on the 31st of August and let me tell you that was the worst surgery and pain I’ve ever experienced, that includes giving birth 3 times and 1 of those was a natural birth. I’ve also been going to therapy since 1 week after surgery, 3 times a week. I’m lifting you up in prayers for a speedy recovery. It was my right hand and you can’t do anything when your dominant hand isn’t functioning properly. The good thing about it is I should be ambidextrous after all of this!! The Dr. told me what all he had to do but I don’t remember but again it’s the WORST surgery ever and recovery isn’t so painless either!! I hope you the best with yours and believe me, I feel your pain. Prayers for you and the surgical and therapy team!

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