Nicaraguan pastor visits FBC Eupora

His passion and his energy drew in the crowd at First Baptist Church of Eupora.

With the help of interpreter Shawn Moore, Pastor Miguel Mena served as the guest speaker at FBC Eupora this Sunday, sharing his passion for saving the lost and touching lives for Jesus Christ.

Mena is the pastor of the church in Nicaragua that the mission teams from FBC Eupora have worked with for the past two summers. Mena was visiting family in the United States and stopped by to pay a visit to meet the church family that has been such a big part of his ministry to the people of Nicaragua over the past two years.

“It was great to have Pastor Mena with us for the weekend,” said Rev. Travis Gray of FBC Eupora. “Although we speak different languages, his love for Jesus is still contagious.”

Gray said as he listened to Mena share his testimony, he felt guilty for how easy his life as been.

“Do we want to be smart in the eyes of the world and dumb in the eyes of God,” Gray said, “or dumb in the eyes of the world and smart in the eyes of God? Pastor Mena was a blessing to me.”

“I can tell his heart is full of love for all people, especially for those who are lost,” said Rachel Barnett who also was one of the members of the mission team. “I enjoy his animated attitude that captures your attention and bridges the gap between the language barrier. His testimony of his faith and full reliance on God to supply all his needs is very inspiring and we all should strive for this type of faith.”

Anita Russell said it was great to see Pastor Mena again and to have one of his wonderful hugs!

“His love for the Lord is so apparent through his joy and enthusiasm,” Russell said. “The only negative thing was, seeing him, made me want to see all of my other Nicaraguan friends.”

Amanda Richardson also said she was excited to spend time with Pastor Mena this past weekend.

“I was in the first group that went to Nicaragua and was so excited to see the progress the church has made,” Richardson said. “I enjoyed seeing and hearing the passion that Pastor Mena has for the Lord! I am looking forward to returning in the summer of 2018!”

“Pastor Mena was such a blessing,” said Angela Gray. “I love his zeal and urgency to reach the hopeless with the gospel. To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of the mission-and He loves Jesus! His message was clear – we must be born again!”

Paul Russell said he was excited to see Pastor Mena and glad the FBC Eupora congregation had the opportunity to experience his preaching style as seen in Nicaragua.

“His message was very timely and on point,” Russell said.

For more information about the work in Nicaragua and how to give toward next summer’s mission trip, please contact Bro. Travis Gray at



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