#FALLFASHION — George Sherman Clothiers

With advances in technology, guys no longer have to iron or take their dress clothes to the cleaners (or to mom).

George Sherman of George Sherman Clothiers said what men have come to expect from athletic wear now can be found in dress shirts and pants.

“The big buzz in men’s wear is the new micro-fiber performance shirts and pants,” Sherman said. “Guys will come in and buy one or two and they are hooked. They will love them.”

Sherman said young professionals are accustomed to wash and wear, and this new technology allows for that convenience.

For more casual events, the Johnnie-O hangout shirt is perfect for date night or parties at the house.

Sherman said this shirt is cut shorter and designed to be untucked, which has been a big trend for men recently.

A portion of this story was published in the August 31, 2017 WELCOME BACK edition of The Starkville Daily News.

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