Hoping for a cute nose

So after last week’s horendous crash, (the spider in the shower, and we both hit the toilet) the swelling has gone down enough for the ENT to say he needs to set my nose and fix the deviated septum. A broken nose ain’t pretty! 
Oddly enough, it wasn’t as black and blue as you would think, and it didn’t hurt like I imagined it would. When we realized my eye socket wasn’t broken and would not have to have emergency surgery, we started laughing. Two years of cancer treatments and a blood clot that will not go away, I have not been to the emergency room  (praise the Lord). One huge spider, and WHAM! I am in the emergency room.  It’s a little funny. We were feeling a little hysterical about it! I don’t think the emergency room crew knew quite what to do with us when we started laughing!

That may all change tomorrow,  but I still say I am #incrediblyblessed!  Bleeding out of the nose was HUGE for Pepper Sisson.  This sweet man has stood outside the shower every night, helping me get in and out–ready to kill any spiders that might be on the attack. Not dancing, but so precious! #GODISGOOD

Maybe after my procedure in the morning,  someone will get back to keeping my spirits up. I’m afraid I scared the Hee Haw out of him this week. Maybe a good dose of Buck and Roy will fix him up!

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