Enjoying #blueberry season this #summer

For the Powell’s, blueberries have been a family tradition for over 20 years.

Blake Powell said his grandfather “was a genius.” Powell said when he established the blueberry trees he installed a special irrigation system that has kept the blueberry farm in business regardless of the rainfall conditions. But rain is a good thing for blueberries and extends the growing season through July.

“Establishing an in-ground irrigation system that was the key to their success,” said Brittany Powell.

Today, Blake and Brittany Powell have taken over the care and management 160 trees on their family property between Eskridge and Duck Hill. The couple are teachers with Grenada Public Schools, and with the peak blueberry production in June, it is the perfect “summer” business for them. And their two little girls, Blakely, 3, and Braelyn, 2, love playing in the field and eating blueberries straight off the trees. They help pick a little, but have more fun playing.

But it is hard work, especially in the Mississippi summer heat. The Powell’s have friends and family who have come year after year to pick blueberries, and through social media, the Powells have been able to expand their customer base to be more available to more people.

“That’s honestly the best part about this business for me; to continue the tradition while also giving people the opportunity to have delicious blueberries,” Brittany Powell said.

However, during the peak of the blueberry season, all of the family will come and pick at the beginning of the season when blueberries are at their biggest and juiciest.

There are two different varieties of bushes, one that stays short and grows in huge clusters, and one that can grow over 7 feet tall and are more spread out.

“Blueberries are hard to grow and maintain, but the awesome feedback we get from customers is what drives us to continue the tradition and hopefully expand to even more,” said Brittany Powell.

“My daddy sure loved Powell’s blueberries,” said Sharon Kent.

For more information and directions to the Powell Blueberry Farm, call Brittany Powell at (662) 299-2088.

See a portion of this story in the July 13, 2017 edition of The Winona Times.

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