Weaving a Twisted Tale

“In a small town in Mississippi, his pride killed his son. Now his pride has him on everyone’s hit list, including his own family’s.” – from “Sculpture: The Evil of Pride.”

Author Willie Frank Hobbs describes his latest book as “a fast paced twisted tale of suspense and mystery where Buford J. Lewis, Sr. aka “Daddy Bo” searches for the murderer of his son while the unknown killer is still searching for him.

The Winona native said he has always been a big “whodunit” buff.

“Whether it was fictional, nonfictional or a historic documentary, I love trying to figure them out,” Hobbs said. “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at writing one.”

He started “SCULPTURE: The Evil of Pride” in 1992.

“Not only did I want it to be a ‘whodunit,’ but I also wanted to send a sincere message about the perils of having too much pride and ego,” Hobbs said. “The novel is actually written between two Bible verses; Proverbs 16:17-18.”

Hobbs said he will be expanding the novel into a possible trilogy to expand upon “some very interesting characters, situations and questions that need answers.”

“I love the fact that it’s a very diverse story that’s not just focused on one particular race, culture or demographic,” Hobbs said. “I also love the that in order to solve the mystery, the reader has to do some serious detective work to discover the true killer. I’m mostly proud that I was able to center the story in Mississippi and use the geographical location of my hometown of Winona.”

The novel covers different demographics, cultures and races that all leads back to one main location, Willowstree, which is actually the geographic location of Winona, with the landscape changed in the novel.

The 1974 Winona High School graduate is presently residing in Butler, Penn. The Army veteran has one son, Ricollo Harbin from Ft. Worth, Texas. When he is not writing, Hobbs works as a full-time artist with a specialty in family portraits. He has had his work shown and published nationally and featured on National Football League (NFL) Films and NFL Sunday Night Football.

Hobbs has travelled all over the United States using his artwork to help nonprofits and charities. He has received two Official Senate Proclamations from the State of Pennsylvania for his humanitarian efforts.

Hobbs also teaches artist workshops on art marketing. He has two additional books published on Amazon Kindle: a children’s book, “The Adventures of Sparky: Bittersweet Honey” and “The Art of Marketing Your Art,” an instructional booklet to assist up-and-coming artists on how to market their work.

He grew up in Winona. Hobbs was baptized and raised in at Winona Baptist Church and considers it his “home” church. And he still has quite a few relatives in Winona. His sister, Mattie Helen (Hobbs) Weathers, and two brothers, Rudolph, Jr. and Glen Hobbs currently reside in Winona. His parents were the late Rev. Rudolph Sr. and Mary Hobbs.

Hobbs will be giving away a limited number of originally signed art prints at the Winona book signing.

The self-published novel is available in paperback and available at the book signing. The eBook is published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK.



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