Well, that has been hard…

I will start by saying that it has been a rough two weeks, but I have been #incrediblyblessed.

Microwave ablasion is no picnic. By the time the meds from the procedure wore off, I was home to begin a week of pain, nausea and vomitting. Slowly, meds started to kick it, but I couldn’t sleep and everything tasted funny. Vomitting is not my favorite way to lose weight and by Wednesday I was feeling a little wild! But it was Wednesday that I started answering the “how are you” questions with “it has been 6 hours since I vomitted,” “it has been a day” or “2 days.” I have been so blessed because this has been my worse week with cancer. In the two years I have been dealing with this, I have only had a few days this extreme–that’s not too bad (I can say that now that the vomiting has stopped!)

Bless all of those who deal with horrible side effects day in and day out. They truly need help and support. I am so blessed to have a singing dancing husband who will go buy and cook Campbell’s Homestead Chicken Noodle soup while singing a song by Buck Owens. He has made so many runs to the Sonic for Cherry slushes and ice.He is wonderful. 

It is odd, I can not drink sodas (still) and I am a little weird about desserts. I have a metallic taste sometimes. And just like with chemo, my eyesight has been different. Until it straightens out, I have new glasses. If it is not one thing….

But what a blessing! #GODISSOGOOD! This rough week (or two) is coming to an end and things are improving. I have only had a few bad days, which is wonderful. And the husband has been AMAZING, despite the singing and dancing! Lord help us!

So many have asked and said maybe they missed an update on social media. But I said I couldn’t post an update until I could have a sense of humor about it all. Maybe we are starting to laugh a little around here…now that the pain meds are working!

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