And the wait continues…

So, when we saw the nurse practitioner, she said be prepared for late next week to do the procedure. We were supposed to know on Monday whether Dr. Howard wants to do a specialized chemo or radiation procedure, because he was on vacation last week. On Monday, we find out that Dr. Howard has reviewed my case and wants to do something completely different — microwave ablation. Basically, he will burn the three tiny lesions on the right lobe of the liver and we will monitor the one in the left lobe. So the nurse practitioner shares this news, but still no date for the procedure. My insurance required prior authorization, which should be approved today. I call today and now the procedure will be June 23????? I think my oncologist (and maybe Pepper) is going to have a little yellow duck, but apparently he is the only guy that does this!!! I never pray for patience, because I already have enough challenges in my life! I’m not looking for trouble! #GODISGOOD #IWASHMYHANDSOFTHISWEIRDNESS


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