Well, it’s not quite over

At my three-month checkup on Wednesday, my tumor markers were elevated. The CT I had this morning showed a small place on my liver. I will have a PET Scan early next week, and if the PET scan confirms the ct findings and shows no additional spots, there is an outpatient surgery I can have to shoot chemo to this one spot and not have to do additional chemo. We will know more after the PET scan next week. 

Dr. Hill said it was a bit unusual for a place to show up in the liver at this stage. He said it usually is found in the lungs. The good news is, maybe this can be dealt with quick and reasonably easy. And hopefully with very little pain!!!!

Pepper will be putting on his dancing shoes and bellering out his Hee Haw favorites for the next few weeks, I am sure! Hopefully he will not break his foot again! I can’t handle all that FUN! 


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