There’s just a different feel in church on #Easter

Tripp Pate with his parents, Joyce and Glen Pate, and brother, Cason Pate at the flowering cross last Easter at First Baptist Church in Maben. (Submitted photo)

It is a special time of year. A time of new growth and renewal. Flowers are blooming and grass is growing.

Easter holds a special meaning for so many people. Christians recognize this as a time to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It is a time to reflect and remember all that Christ has done in the lives of believers. While there are so many ways to celebrate, it is one holiday that many residents celebrate in their local church.

“It is THE day we get to truly focus and showcase the miracle of Christ,” said Leanne McGarr. “His sacrifice and His Resurrection. The fulfillment of God’s promise.”

Shirley Blakely said “there is just a different feel in church on Easter!”

“You know it is the day we celebrate our Savior and your heart is so joyful for what he has done,” Blakely said. “You know His spirit is there with you and the songs are so full of His glory! What a glorious day!”

Brandi Velcek said she it is a time they have breakfast together at 8 a.m. at the church, followed by preaching at 9 a.m. at Stewart Baptist Church. “Then we usually try to take family pictures afterward.”

One of the special traditions Christy Latham enjoys at Easter is Sunrise Services.

“I would have a very hard time getting going that early every Sunday, but it is such a special tradition on Easter Sunday,” Latham said. “Then came the morning! Up from the grave he Arose! He Lives!”

One of Joyce Pate’s favorite Easter traditions at her church, is the flower cross. They have a wooden cross covered with chicken wire that is placed in front of the church every year at Easter.

“Everyone brings flowers from home and covers the cross with them,” Pate said. “We take a family picture in front of it every year. I enjoy looking back as my boys have grown over the years.”

Betty Pepper said she loved the Easter Egg Hunts her church had over the years as her children were growing up. “Great memories,” Pepper said.

Janie Spraberry said her favorite Easter tradition at her church is an Easter Cantata.

“(I love) Family and friends coming together to thank our God for sending His Son to be the Savior of the world,” Spraberry said.

Susan Vaughn agrees. She loves all of the Easter activities and traditions at her church. She said she loved Sunrise services, the youth-sponsored breakfast, and then the Easter Cantata is “always a fun day.”

Margie Hillhouse said she loved all of the Easter traditions – coloring Easter eggs, Easter baskets on Easter morning and spring clothes.

“But most of all, I love celebrating our Savior by attending the Easter Cantata (at our church),” Hillhouse said. “The music is always so beautiful and moving. The atmosphere is different, more reverent.”

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