#GOODEATS @The Tracks in Winona

There are several meals that I LOVE at The Tracks in Winona, Miss., but on a special trip to take photos for a story, Pepper and I were STARVED by the time my brother, Jeremy, and his kids (my favorite nephews) finally arrived!

The Philly Cheesesteak Po-boy is SO GOOD at The Tracks, but you really need to be in that state of near-starvation. It is a lot to eat! The bread is toasted. I really like that.

A few other favorite dishes would be the Shrimp and Grits (YUM!!!!) and the Strawberry Salad when it is on special. LOVE!

Pepper is typically a fan of the Hamburger Steak with gravy and onions at The Tracks, but was in the mood for a good thick cheeseburger the other night.

My favorite nephews (actually, my only nephews) love their chicken strips. But if the truth is told, those two eat chicken strips everywhere we go!

The service was great and we all love the quirky, casual atmosphere. What do you LOVE to eat at The Tracks in Winona?

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