#FRIDAYFOOD Easter Bunny Cake

Up until just a few years ago, my husband and I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at our house. It was a huge undertaking but we loved having everyone from our church and community over at the house on Easter Sunday. One year, we counted 75 men, women and children.

About three years ago, there was a lot of rain the day before and the morning of Easter, so we moved the potluck lunch to the church fellowship hall. The same thing happened the next year. It wasn’t long until our “kids” were too old for hunting eggs. The handful of “littles” that come to our Easter Sunday potluck do have the opportunity to hunt eggs inside or outside of the church, depending on the weather. Let’s just say, we are still finding Easter Eggs well into the fall in the church. It is hilarious!

Last year, we had “Easter Dinner” the night before at my parent’s house, with the smallest Easter Egg hunt I have ever been a part of. The four children involved had a GREAT time searching for the two “money” eggs. (Two additional kids surprised me, or we would have had four money eggs!)

With children getting older and family dynamics ever-changing, this year will also be a different Easter holiday. Regardless of when and where we will get together, we always have great food and lots of fun!

One tradition that I plan to add to the wide variety of desserts will be the Easter bunny cake. I asked Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to share some of their favorite foods for Easter. Kimberlee Nichols and Pam Collier both mentioned the Easter Bunny cake. It is a special Easter tradition at their homes.

My Mom made these back in the 60s and 70’s,” said Pam Collier. “She got the idea from Parade magazine I think. Hers were just two round yellow cakes, cut sides off one for ears, rest for body, seven-minute icing and lots of coconut. Jelly bean eyes and nose, licorice strings for whiskers.
Colored pink coconut for inner ear, green coconut for grass.”

Nichols said her grandmother makes an Easter Bunny Cake every year, to the delight of her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Her grandmother made an Easter Bunny Cake for one of my Easter Egg Hunt events and it was delicious and too cute! It seemed so elaborate and complicated, but after a quick internet search, I think I can do this! All it takes is two 8-inch round cake pans, a knife and some frosting. Once it is frosted, it is basically like a gingerbread house for Spring. The possibilities are endless!

Easter Bunny cake

Two 8-inch-round yellow cakes, chilled

3 cups white frosting

1 cup pink frosting

Sweetened shredded coconut, sprinkles and candies, for decorating (I am NOT a fan of coconut—it’s a texture thing—but it will make it cute with white buttercream frosting!)

1.     Put one cake on a work surface. Using a serrated knife, cut the cake to form one bow tie and two almond-shaped ears.

2.   Place the uncut cake in the center of an inverted baking sheet or a large rectangle platter. Arrange the two ears above the cake on the baking sheet and the bow tie directly below.

3.   Using an offset spatula, frost the entire cake with the white frosting.

4.   Transfer the pink frosting to a pastry bag fitted with a small round tip. Decoratively pipe the bow tie and the ears of the bunny. Decorate the bunny with sprinkles, candies and additional pink frosting.

I cannot WAIT to try one myself this Easter! Follow my blog to see the final results.


What do you prepare for your Easter feast? Send your favorite Easter recipes to me at gwenwoodssisson@yahoo.com or mail them to Gwen Sisson, P.O. Box 55, Stewart, MS 39767.


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