Tell Me – Tell Someone Rally

“It’s not a Baptist thing. It’s a Jesus thing.”
Dr. Jim Futral of the Mississippi Baptist Association visited Webster County on Monday as part of a three-month tour around the state to encourage individuals, churches and communities to tell others about Jesus Christ with a special evangelism campaign.
Dr. Futral visited Walthall Baptist Church last week to highlight the special campaign with Webster County residents. Futral has been touring the state with his message of encouragement and evangelism since January. His tours will conclude at the end of March.
“What would happen if we started praying for the people God wanted us to pray for,” Futral said “being strategically sensitive to God’s leading about the people you would pray for. Asking God to work in the circumstances of their life.”
The “Tell Me-Tell Someone” campaign offers every believer a helpful guide in finding ways to share their stories of Christ’s work in their life. Futral laid out the 3-1-5-1 strategy simply and clearly to the crowd gathered at Walthall Baptist Church.

Buddy Pepper, pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church in Mantee who attended the event, said the evangelism program is wonderful and something area churches have already begun working on with small group Bible studies and prayer time at First Baptist Church of Mathiston.

What is the 3151 Challenge? It is an evangelism campaign done through the Sunday School or small group ministry. During the campaign, every group member is encouraged to take the 3151 Challenge:
3 – Pray for three lost friends daily
1 – Learn One Spiritual Conversation
5 – Invite five people to attend their group
1 – Share the Gospel at least one time
“This campaign is about the love of Jesus,” Futral said. “We are seeing great results from this campaign so far and I hope that it will lead to a revival in Mississippi. For this moment, I don’t want us to look at one another as different churches, but as a congregation of one, having an Isaiah 6 moment—‘Lord I want you to use me. What do you want me to do?’”
Futral asked the congregation, “how long it has been since you have told someone what Jesus means to you? What Jesus has done for you?”
He said it is not about going to a foreign land, but making a difference in your community.
“Make yourself available to do what God would like to see within the circle of your life, your friends and family and within our own community,” Futral said.
Hugh Bland, pastor of Walthall Baptist Church, said Futral’s message was inspiring and motivating
“I think it will ignite an evangelistic movement in the churches,” Bland said “It is about reaching those around you in a simple straightforward way.”
“(Today’s event) was very well done, and necessary,” said Martin Jacks, director of the Webster Baptist Association. “We are grateful to Walthall for their hospitality.”
Consider pursuing the 3151 Challenge.  For regular updates, TEXT: TELLSOMEONE to 313131.
See this story in the March 29, 2017 edition of The Webster Progress-Times at

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