#HOLYWEEK2017 – His Last Days: The Passion Play

The 32nd annual Passion Play, His Last Days, will be presented by Kosciusko First United Methodist Church, Kosciusko, Miss., the three nights prior to Easter: April 13, 14, and 15,  at 8 p.m., on the grounds of the church.

The live outdoor drama which portrays Jesus’ betrayal, trial, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension begins in front of the church on Washington Street and progresses onto North Natchez Street where the last scene, the ascension, takes place.

The drama, envisioned by Hollis Cheek, was written by the late Rev. Charles Wiggers during his pastorate of the church.  Many of the cast have performed in the drama every year and some in the very same role.  The drama has grown to encompass not only church members but residents of the community. These individuals, many of whom have never seen the drama from an audience’s point of view, continue to give their time and talents as they fulfill the church’s mission statement to learn the story, live the story, and tell the story of Jesus Christ.

The drama takes on a life of its own as sound and lighting engineers, makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers, costume designers, and seamstresses utilize wardrobe and props housing pottery, shepherds’ hooks, crowns, elegant robes, and everything any cast or crew member needs to assist in making the production more authentic and realistic.  The audience is offered a sense of what Christ experienced for us all during His last days.

There is no cost for admission, no tickets are required, and no reservations are necessary to attend the performance.  A nursery is provided.  Parking for vehicles, including vans and buses, is conveniently located near the church grounds.  Kosciusko First United Methodist Church is located just off Kosciusko’s historic court square at the corner of East Washington and North Natchez streets.  For additional information, contact the church office via telephone at 662-289-1412, fax 662-289-1418, Email: chur623@bellsouth.net, or Cliff Davidson Email: cdavid46@gmail.com.

Dr. Rev. Scott Wright, pastor, along with the church staff, members, cast and crew, cordially invites you to come and be part of this truly remarkable spiritual production.

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