#FRIDAYFOOD – Comfort food for those having difficultly surviving the weird weather

I have had the flu this week. Type B. It is weird. No fever, but constant headache, aches and pains, sinusy and an off-again, on-again sore scratchy throat. I am exhausted, everything tastes funny and there have been days that I feel like I have been run over by a big truck. A few days have passed and now it feels like I have been run over by a small truck.

I hate a cold, but even more so, I hate for my husband to get sick! We quickly started Tamiflu for both of us, so hopefully we can avoid two miserable people in the house at the same time! That’s NEVER pretty.

So, right after being diagnosed, I sent Pepper to the store to buy supplies. When I am sick, Campbell’s Chicken and Stars or Campbell’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup are at the top of the grocery list. I also need ice cream, Sunbeam bread, bananas (for banana sandwiches) and Nilla Wafers. They HAVE to be Nilla Wafers, not generic. It’s important! When it is not a contagious illness, I LOVE my mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or my mother-in-law’s potato soup and Mexican cornbread. YUM! But when I was not feeling good during chemo, I wanted Cheetos or Doritos. I wanted something salty, just like Margie Pepper who likes “whatever is salty,” when she is feeling yucky.

It is basically comfort food. When I typically think of comfort food, it is Macaroni and Cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, banana pudding– foods that make you feel like “everything is going to be okay!” If you can eat when you are sick, you need the same type of thing – comfort.

I asked friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what they liked to eat when they are sick. Thirty-six people responded with a variety of answers, including a lot of chicken broth/noodle/dumplings.

My sweet friend, Carmen Caldieraro, said “sorry you don’t feel well! Nothing sounds good when you are sick. Sometimes I eat the oddest things!”

Emmett McGarr, Bonnie Corley Locke, Joan Schepperly and Susan Adcock love Chicken Noodle Soup and Saltines. Charlie Shaw said chicken noodle soup should be good for the flu.

LeAnn Carroll Cooper also likes Chicken noodle soup. “But, I take the noodles out and drink the broth.”

Tracy Davis Green  said nothing is better than Chicken noodle soup and a diet coke when she is sick.

Nancy Herrington Bagwell said, “Definitely home made chicken noodle soup with a few carrots and onions and mostly dark meat chicken.”

Vianka Baxter said she like bone broth when she is sick, and that could be chicken or beef. She didn’t specify, but they say a good bone broth will “raise the dead.” I don’t know about all that, but it does give your system a break from the hard work of digestion to begin healing.

Once again, I have tried to make my mom’s chicken noodle soup, and it is just not the same. I do not have “the touch” – or maybe the patience) for it. I really only want it when I am sick and I want her to make it!

Momma’s Chicken Noodle Soup

4 chicken thighs (bone-in)

1 onion, chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped

4  long carrots, chopped (or a handful of mini carrots)

½ package of noodles, (I like rotini noodles)

Place chicken in a pot and cover with well-salted water. Add half of the onion and all of the celery to the water. Cook until the chicken is done – about 30 minutes. Remove chicken and de-bone. Strain the broth. Place broth and chicken pieces back in the boiler and bring to a boil. Saute the other half of the onion with the carrots, then add them to the boiling water. Add cooked rotini noodles to the boiler and season to taste.

Chicken and dumplings has never crossed my mind to be eaten when you are sick, but it Is a comfort food! Angie McGinnis and Susan Vaughn LOVE IT! Lynda Pepper offered to make a batch for Susan Vaughn to have in her freezer the next time she is ill. That’s a good friend!

Chicken And Dumplings

1 3 lb. Chicken

1 stick butter

2 chicken bouillon cubes (If you need to stretch the broth)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut chicken into pieces. Place in boiler, cover with cold water, cook slowly until tender. Set chicken aside to cool and remove from bones. Put broth in a large casserole dish, add bouillon cubes and chicken pieces. Bring to a boil and add dumplings.


¼ tsp. salt

1 cup milk or ½ cup half & half

2 Tbsp. shortening

2 cup flour

Combine above ingredients (except milk) and form a soft dough, stiff enough to handle. Roll out on lightly floured surface. Cut into 1 inch squares and drop in hot broth. Reserve enough dough for pastry top. Slice stick of butter and randomly place on top of the dish. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees until top crust browns. Now pour milk evenly on top. Let it sink in and serve.

Benita Byrdsong  said she likes all types of soup, like tomato, chicken soup, chicken broth, chicken and stars.

Ruth McCulloch Odom likes chicken soup or potato soup with tea and saltines when she is sick – and she drinks “lots of Gatorade.”

Jane Nail loves cream of chicken soup when she is sick. She has a bad sore throat and feels bad, but no fever. “I’m praying it isn’t the flu.”

Cim Gore likes a good hearty potato soup when he is unwell.

Joce Pritchett said, “Mama always made us potato soup with lots of garlic and onions, with cheese toast.”

Cheese toast…doesn’t that sound good!

Barbara Todd agrees. She loves grilled cheese sandwiches when she is sick. Personally, I like grilled cheese sandwiches all of the time! YUM!

Danyelle Yeatman is a true Southerner, even when she is sick.

“When I’m just feeling ‘blech,’ I love cheesy grits,” Yeatman said. “When I’m really sick, (I like) chicken broth and saltine crackers.”

Nicole Meek likes Egg drop soup!

Linda Teasley Grosinske likes a baked potato when under the weather, while Vicki Blanton likes a Coke, toast and baked potatoes. Kenna Rich Huffman likes unsweet tea and tater tots. Then there’s Mary Rumore who likes French fries or macaroni!

Nancy Latham likes Tomato soup. “When I took chemo, I lived on tomato soup and, oddly enough, when I am sick now that is all I want.”

Patricia Cochren also loves tomato soup when she is sick, and Yvonne Hitt likes tomato juice.

While most are like Johnnie Abbott, who just wants hot fluids when ill, others want something cool to drink.

“I just like lots of good drinks,” said Angie Berryhill Campbell. “Coke being number one! Food isn’t usually on the list .”

Rob Ray likes Coke and crackers while Cathy Hayden likes Sprite and Ritz crackers.

Christye Stanton and Sharon Card both want popsicles when they are sick. Georgia Caffey likes Jell-O.

I am a little surprised no one said ice cream, but Tami Sturdivant Jones takes the cake! She like grapefruit juice when she is sick! Whatever makes you feel better!



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