Love from ‘STEW’-art


Dale May and Jack May look on as Benny May and Kevin May tend the cookers full of Brunswick Stew at the Stewart Fire Department.

Once a month, this group gets together for a time of prayer and a great breakfast.

The Stewart Community Men’s Brotherhood meets once a month for Prayer Breakfast at one of four churches in the area for a time of food, fellowship and devotion. The men from the host church will prepare breakfast, including scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits, sausage gravy and every good thing. Apparently, you will not find a breakfast casserole at the buffet. More than one wife has been informed “that’s not a guy thing.”
Men from throughout the community are invited to join the fun at 7 a.m. on the first Sunday morning each month before regular church services. Members are part of Stewart Baptist Church, Tri-County Baptist Church, Pine Forest Baptist Church and Poplar Creek Nations Baptist Church. The men from the host church arrive at the church kitchen at about 5 a.m. the morning of the breakfast.


J.B. Woods tending a cooker of Brunswick Stew.

And when it is time for Pine Forest Baptist Church to host the breakfast, there is one big rule: The pastor is not allowed to make the sausage gravy.

“I think he made it once and it didn’t turn out good,” said Jodi May, wife of Bro. Derek May at Pine Forest Baptist Church. “They have very high standards for sausage gravy!”
“They have a good time and it gives them time to encourage each other,” May said. “And part of the fun is picking at each other about who will fall asleep in church.”
Last year, God lead the group to do something special for the community. After a lot of prayer and discernment, the men decided they wanted to raise money for a scholarship for graduating high school seniors in their churches.
Last year, the group raised enough money to give four high school seniors $500 each.

Kevin May and Dale May working on a batch of Brunswick Stew. The Stew is from Dale’s private recipe.

One of the ways the group raised money was sponsoring a community Brunswick Stew fundraiser held at the Stewart Fire Department.

Jerald Woods, deacon at Pine Forest Baptist and one of many cooks at this year’s community Brunswick Stew Fundraiser, said Dale May’s Brunswick Stew recipe made 104 gallons that sold for $5 per quart or $20 per gallon. At the recent event, $2,080 were raised for high school graduates who are members of the four churches. Woods said it is a great way to help these young people who are starting college.
Bro. Martin Jacks of Stewart Baptist Church said the Prayer Breakfast and Scholarship Program has been a wonderful experience.
“These four churches have joined together to help their young people prepare for life after high school,” Jacks said. “It has been a good thing and the reason it has been successful has been the continued fellowship and cooperation between the churches through the grace of Christ that exists among the group.”
This year, the Men’s Brotherhood is making plans to increase the scholarship reward for each high school senior.
For more information about the Men’s Brotherhood or the scholarship program, please contact the pastors at Pine Forest, Stewart, Tri-County or Poplar Creek Nations Baptist Churches.

Cooking a big pot of Brunswick Stew.


J.B. Woods with Cassie May at the Brunswick Stew fundraiser.

See this story in the February 23, 2017 edition of The Winona Times.

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