COTW: Drake Hill UMC

img_3740PASTOR’S NAME:  Rev. Aubrey Mitchell image-1-1

CHURCH: Drake Hill UMC of the Brooksville Circuit of United Methodist Churches

CHURCH ADDRESS/TOWN: 4239 Drake Hill Road,  Brooksville, MS 39739


HOMETOWN: West Point, MS

SPOUSE’S NAME: Myrtle Mitchell

CHILDREN’S NAME: Aubreonna Mitchell, 19; Nicole Spencer, 32; Jeterrod Mitchell, 33; Damen Mitchell, 31; Devin Mitchell-died at 16 years old in 2012

GRANDCHILDREN: Jeteria Mitchell; Jeterrod Mitchell, Jr.; Aliya Mitchell; Travian Spencer; Zaidyn Spencer & Amari Spencer

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE CHURCH YOU ARE SERVING? I love serving the churches I serve because of the love that is shown and also the family spirit that moves in the church with the HOLY SPIRIT moving in everyone. It’s all about the love of GOD and the love each other that is always shared.


HOW MANY ARE IN REGULAR ATTENDANCE? About 50 WHAT MINISTRIES IS THIS CHURCH KNOWN FOR? Awarding scholarships to high school students annually; mentorship program for youth; annual laity program; our United Methodist Women adopt senior adults in the community and keep check on them regularly and spend time with them; our outreach program visiting the sick and shut in–this year, church members plan to begin visiting the nursing home and local jail; we have annual Men’s Day, Women’s Day and Grandparent’s Day programs; Spring Revival; Youth Revival; our annual Pastor’s Appreciation Program; and our new quarterly Prayer Breakfast program. 



See this feature in the February 20, 2017 edition of The Starkville District Newsletter at 2-20-17-newsletter

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