COTW: LaGrange UMC

fullsizerender3ABOUT THE PASTOR

NAME: Scarlet Shepperdimg_6350
CHURCH ADDRESS/TOWN: 1585 LaGrange Rd., Mathiston, MS 39752
BIRTHDAY: January 18
HOMETOWN: Louisville, MS
SPOUSE’S NAME: Tim Shepperd
CHILDREN’S NAME:Rebekah (Quinn) Jonathan Crocker & Taylor (Josh) Johns
GRANDCHILDREN: Peyton and Kase

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE CHURCH YOU ARE SERVING? I love the personality of the people who make up the congregation at LaGrange. They are all willing to work diligently to serve each other and the community anytime there is a need. If I make a suggestion, they jump in and get the job done! Other times, they make the suggestion, organize the project, and get working for the Kingdom!


HOW MANY YEARS HAS THIS CHURCH BEEN WORSHIPING GOD TOGETHER? Established in 1851 as Pleasant Hill and believed to have first been a brush arbor meeting. At the time this was the county seat, and the church and the Masonic Lodge were meeting in the same building, the Lodge on top and the church on the bottom. In 1871, a political movement called the Grangers was organized, thus establishing the name LaGrange. Soon after, the courthouse burned, and the county seat was moved. The Masonic lodge was removed from the top of the church, and the name of the church changed to Lagrange. In 1930, the new church was built, and services have been held in the beautiful sanctuary since.
WHAT MINISTRIES IS THIS CHURCH KNOWN FOR? The church is known for its 5th Sunday breakfast when the congregation comes together for a special devotion and then breaks bread together. The families of the members all join us for this special day of worship. We have also just begun a food ministry. We have a large collection box at the door of the sanctuary where we collect canned food throughout the quarter and then donate it to a food pantry got distribution. This ministry was the congregations own idea and implemented by them after a collection of food and money that was given to several charities during 2016. It was and is Lagrange’s desire to continue sharing the love of Jesus.

See this church featured in the January 13, 2017 edition of The Starkville District Newsletter at 1-13-17-newsletter

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